Blind Australian of the Year FINALIST – Lauren Henley, VIC

Introducing 2023 Blind Australian of the Year FINALIST… Lauren Henley from Victoria

Unstoppable. Committed. Advocate.

3 words that describe, in a limited sense at least, Blind Australian Finalist, Lauren Henley.

Tenacity and Determination to cause a result, like a terrier unwilling to let go, might also be an adequate metaphor for Lauren. Her drive to create real and tangible shifts towards an inclusive Australian society, has seen her advocate for Australians with disability at the United Nations, put herself in the glare of public opinion on the TV series ‘You Cant Ask That’, be published in the Australian Journal of Social Issues, and lobby government around the wicked problem that is support for older Australians living with disability that are not eligible for access to the NDIS.

Lauren is also tireless in campaigning for equitable access to assistive technology and home modifications that make inclusive participation in 21st century society possible. Lauren has driven positive impacts for community at all levels from advocating for installation of tactile ground surface indicators at a local shopping centre, to advocating for human rights at a national and international level.

You might be familiar with the result of one of Lauren’s most recent campaign accomplishments – a complaint to the UN that resulted in the Australian Federal Govt commitment to increase the availability of audio description on ABC & SBS and working with all free to air and subscription broadcasters to improve the availability of audio description. This took 7 years to reach this successful outcome.
Lauren is well placed to continue to expand the impact of her efforts as the Senior Systemic Advocate with the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations.

Congratulations Lauren on becoming a Finalist for the 2023 Blind Australian of the Year!

“You Can’t Ask That” –

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